In Bloom - Tourmaline Cluster Drop Necklace

$ 69

Designed for true Tourmaline lovers only. Three tourmalines chosen to create a mini bouquet of bloom using sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire around each gemstone. Each one will be uniquely different and only those who truly understand the magical metaphysical properties of Tourmaline will appreciate this. Each designed to both color coordinate as well as to match varying metaphysical meaning of the vary colors of tourmaline. Tourmalines, a natural gemstone come in an array of colors and countless hues. Sometimes, within a color, you"ll notice a color bleed (made by mother nature) of two or more colors, therefore, custom color combinations requests can't be made, instead, we ask you to embrace the beauty of each stone.

BreatheAutumnRain's In Bloom - Tourmaline Cluster Necklace is available in lengths of 16, 18, and 20 inches (approx. 41, 46, and 51 cm).

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