Our Story

Designing jewelry for me is similar to painting on a canvas. Subtle colors are implemented to enhance a mood or reminisce of a time of day, a location. My eyes see color everywhere. While in conversation, I'm looking at the many colors bursting from your eyes that make your face uniquely yours. The way the sunshine or clouds changes the shade of a leaf from bright emerald green to dark hunter. The color mixtures of wildflowers uniquely individual all the while blooming harmoniously with all the other species -we humans could learn a thing or two.

I believe jewelry should be a wearable piece of art that is never overbearing. Like a beautiful fragrance, jewelry should only be noticed once you've entered the room and have had time to linger. Therefore, each piece is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Timeless should mean that each piece is an investment, not a trend therefore lasting for many years in both style and quality.

A curated collection of high quality and ethical gemstones that are sourced in small batches and many are one of a kind The use of .925 sterling silver or higher or gold that is never plated and will not rub off. Gold pieces are clearly described as 14 karat gold, 14 karat gold-filled, or 24 karat gold vermeil. Metaphysical and chakra properties are considered for each piece to calm, soothe and heal.

Each piece is meticulously handmade and checked for quality. Due to the use of natural and undyed stones, slight variances can and will occur on certain styles and we've tried to show an array of instances with alternative images.