Divination - Silver Tarot Card Pendant Necklace

$ 105

Silver Moon, Star, or Sun Tarot Card Pendant Necklace designed to uplift your spirits with positivity versus tapping into the deeper depths of fortune telling or the occults. Finished with sterling silver chain which features moonstones. Sterling Silver throughout. Available in 16 or 18 inches.

The Moon (XVIII) in the upright position suit represents your fears and illusions and often come out when you are projecting fear based on your past experiences. When we encounter the Moon, we see a path that leads off into the distance. When we walk down the path, we walk the fine line between conscious and unconscious. In the dark of night, we are taking a path or uncertainty. If we face danger, we can allow the power of the moon's light to bring clarity and understanding and allow our intuition to guide us through the darkness.

The Star (XVII) in the upright position  means that you are likely to find yourself feeling inspired. It brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are truly blessed by the universe at this time. If you receive the Star card, it means that you have gone through a terrible change in your life. You've managed to go through this without losing your hope. While you suffered, perhaps not aware of your own strength, but now perhaps recognizing that the loss helped you discover your own resilience and inner power. It's only now that you can really appreciate all that you have.

The Sun (XIX) in the upright position represents a feeling of optimism and fulfillment. This card represents the dawn which follows the darkest of nights. The Sun is the source of all life on our planet, and it represents life energy itself. The Sun represents the happiness that occurs when you are in alignment with your true self. Here, the Sun XIX card is upright for positivity.

Your order will arrive beautifully gift wrapped in either a recycled/recyclable white box or gift bag with matching tissue. Each order also comes with a polishing cloth safe to use on all sterling silver, gold filled or gold metals. If your purchase is a gift for someone special and you would like to include a message, I will hand write it for you on a nice gift card. Please note that this is all free of charge. My goal is to make your purchase truly special gift, whether for yourself or for that special someone.

BreatheAutumnRain's - Divination - Silver Tarot Card Pendant Necklace is available in approx. 16 inches and 18 inches (approx. 41 and 46 cm).

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