Siobhan - Baroque Pearls Silver Necklace

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Large Baroque Pearls dance along this slightly distressed sterling silver box chain with links. Baroque pearls are irregular pearls with natural aberrations giving them a more free spirited style than traditional freshwater pearls. Favorited by non traditionalist who prefer pearls that are uniquely organic. Inspired by a childhood friend of long ago. Her name was Siobhan, pronounced (Shivonne). She had a full head of blazing wild and curly red hair, when she walked onto campus, you could spot her immediately. Every morning, at first recess, she'd rip her pigtails loose and her curls would bounce everywhere. I had the exact same hair but dark brown and when she convinced me to undo my neatly combed pigtail, we became inseparable. We'd hang upside down on the monkey bars until the bell rang. Our teacher would shake her head and call us "wildchild". Her grandma passed when we were 7 and left her a single baroque pearl on a thin chain, she wore it everyday. I often wonder what became of her.

This necklace measures approx. 21-21.5 inches (approx. 53.4-54.6 cm). Sterling Silver throughout.

Your order will arrive beautifully gift wrapped in either a recycled/recyclable white box or gift bag with matching tissue. Each order also comes with a polishing cloth safe to use on all sterling silver, gold filled or gold metal. If your purchase is a gift for someone special and you would like to include a message, I will hand write it for you on a nice gift card. Please note that this is all free of charge. My goal is to make your purchase truly special gift, whether for yourself or for that special someone.

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