Samsara - Tourmaline Gold Mandala Earrings

$ 160

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Intricate 24K Vermeil Filigree Lotus Mandala with 3 Multi-Tourmaline teardrops wire wrapped in 14k gold filled dangle from the bottom.

Every strand of Multi-Tourmaline come in an array of deep sensual colors and each color have its own metaphysical and chakra properties. The Tourmalines on every pair of these earrings are paired from various strands and are designed to consciously gift the wear with properties that compliment each other. Trust that I've paired beautifully. Finished with 14K Gold-filled lever backs.

Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means "wandering" or "world" of the cyclic, circuitous change. The concept of rebirth and the cyclicality of all life, matter and existence. The cycle of death and rebirth. Note this mandalas geometric pattern represent the wholeness of the microcosm of life itself. The outer diagram is of a lotus in full bloom signifying that despite the mundane of your karmic state, you have the power to bloom fully.

The wire wrapping on my designs is never pre-fabricated or purchased in bulk. I meticulously and thoughtfully wrap each design.

Your order will arrive beautifully gift wrapped in either a recycled/recyclable white box or gift bag with matching tissue. Each order also comes with a polishing cloth safe to use on all sterling silver, gold filled or gold metal. If your purchase is a gift for someone special and you would like to include a message, I will hand write it for you on a nice gift card. Please note that this is all free of charge. My goal is to make your purchase truly special gift, whether for yourself or for that special someone.

BreatheAutumnRain's Samsara - Tourmaline Gold Mandala Earrings measure approx. 2.5 inches (approx. 62 mm).

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