Enlightenment - Buddha Lotus Om Gold Triple-Strand Gold Necklace

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The trend of "layering" perfectly captured. Three delicate strands each with beautifully crafted 24 karat gold vermeil charms are featured. A dainty Om symbol dangles onto a 16 inch 14 karat gold filled flat cable chain, the second layer, a tiny lotus blossom in full bloom dangles on an 18 inch 14 karat gold filled flat cable chain. The last layer 14 karat gold filled delicate belcher chain 20 inches, holds a solid hand formed Buddha head with intricate rich details. The flat cut of the chains catches the light and creates glittering shine. Back closes with a 14 karat gold filled tiny lobster claw and hammered gold filled link.

Om- a sacred word with deep roots, to simplify, it's all about sacred threes. Most faiths have trinities in their roots and Hinduism, where om was born, is no different. Even though it’s usually pronounced seamlessly so it rhymes with “home,” om is made up of three syllables: A, U, and M, or, phonetically, “aaah,” “oooh,” and “mmm.” Experts say these syllables can represent a slew of trios, including: the heavens, earth, and the underworld; the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (aka creator god, sustainer god, and destroyer god); and the waking, dreaming, and dreamless states to represent all of consciousness. A lotus blossom signifies new beginnings. The analogy between the life of a lotus blossoms and a person is such that the flower grows beneath muddy waters, with all its will and over coming obstacles it merges to the surface facing the sun and blooms victoriously without a trace of dirt. Signifying that despite obstacles or despair (the mud), with will, you too can bloom victoriously, leaving all the turmoil or despair behind. Buddha is not a name, but a title. It is a Sanskrit word that means “a person who is awake.” What a buddha is awake to is the true nature of reality. Each of us has the ability to awaken to the state of enlightenment to become a Buddha.

Your order will arrive beautifully gift wrapped in either a recycled/recyclable white box or gift bag with matching tissue. Each order also comes with a polishing cloth safe to use on all sterling silver, gold filled or gold metal. If your purchase is a gift for someone special and you would like to include a message, I will hand write it for you on a nice gift card. Please note that this is all free of charge. My goal is to make your purchase truly special gift, whether for yourself or for that special someone.

BreatheAutumnRain's Enlightenment - Buddha Lotus Om Gold Triple-Strand Gold Necklace features three gold chains measuring approx. 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches.


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