Farmers Market Collection

Ode to my community. I’ve been a staple in my local farmers market for as long as the market opened. Through the years I’ve amassed numerous clients that for the most part have become cherished friends. My booth had become a tranquil space where my community come to gather not only to shop, but to share stories and give or receive advice from not only me but others that have wandered in, often time strangers to each other, then becoming familiar with each other over the years. Each Saturday, I yearn for updates of the conversations we had the previous week and their energy inspires my creativity and allow me to break all the rules and unapologetically create what I want, often times not repeating.

The 2020 Corona Virus has halted artists and crafters from participating in any festivals or showings disconnecting us from our community.  Their aura and energy continues to flow through me and the items in this collection is inspired by them. The majority of these pieces are one-of-a-kind because I made them from the energy of a particular person. The title of each piece will be the initials of the person that inspired me.  As I build here, I’ll try to repeat as items are sold. If for some reason you see a “sold out” sign and you would like it, please email me.