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Hypnotic - Double-Pyramid Fluorite Pendant Necklace

$ 78.00

Product Details

Double fluorite pyramids come together to make a pendant that hypnotizes as it dangles. Wrapped in 24k gold vermeil the pendant hangs 30 inches long on sterling silver chain with 14k gold filled hammered links. Finished with a lobster clasp. Every pendant will vary slightly in size approx 3/4 inch to just over 1 inch. Fluorite is a natural mineral that will also vary in colors as if water diluted the strength of fresh clear celadon, palest rosy pinks, lemonade or lavender (as seen here). The colors are neutral enough and make each piece a unique treasure.

BreatheAutumnRain's Hypnotic - Double-Pyramid Pendant Necklace measures approx. 30 inches (~76 cm).

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