Bohemian Girl - Pink Peruvian Opal Necklace

$ 260

Triple strand necklace of fabulously bright and smooth nuggets of Pink Peruvian Opals, then hand cut abstract golden Citrines and the final row for balance, a row of smooth round bronzites all wire wrapped with sterling silver and hammered sterling links.  Open cutout sterling silver lotus pendant. Finished with soft and supple deer hide of dark espresso brown.  

Pink opals vibrate at a gentle frequency which enhances its calm and soothing effect on the emotional body. It clears and calms the heart. Citrine activates, opens and energizes the solar plexus (or navel) chakra. Directs personal power and creativity. Its foremost energy is to aid in manifestation.

Lotus symbolizes a sense of purity, which arises from the blossoms growing habit of rooting in mud and pushing up through the water to bloom. How spectacular this necklace wil be paired with a long bohemian maxi dress or skirt or wear this powerful symbolic necklace to work with your favorite tailored shirt.

Pendant: Large cutout sterling silver Lotus Blossom.

Measures: 24 inches from sterling clasp to pendant.

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