Believe In Your Dreams "Forest" - Tourmaline Pendant Empowerment Necklace

$ 125

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We all have dreams, some we're able to fulfill with ease, others are better realized when someone we admire gives us clarity and encouragement. What a wonderful gift to treasure in our daily lives and what a wonderful gift to adorn to someone you know that is on a treasured journey. Three teardrops of faceted tourmaline wrapped in 14k gold dangle on top of this pendant. Tiny faceted peridots link the pendant and the clasp on the end of a chain. Chain measures 30 inches. Pendant approx. 2 inches long.

Note: Multi tourmaline comes in an array of colors from the entire spectrum of the rainbow and colors are natural and therefore distinctively different.

Measures: 32 inches (approx. 81 cm)

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